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Klout Basics

Klout is a Social Media measurement of influence and reach. You authorize Klout access to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  The Klout algorithm then gives you a score, from 1 to 100.  1 being low and 100 high.

Klout creates Gamification between Social Media users, which is good when people see Klout as a way to track progress.  It is when it turns into an “arms race” and people use automation to “game” the algorithm where things IMHO go wrong.

If you are starting out then expect a Klout of 20, 30 or 40 — 60 is a moderate influencer, 70 and above is the realms of an Influencer. 80 and above and you will have celeb status.

I’m just starting out how can I get on the Klout ladder?

The Klout algorithm measures a number of good behaviors and if you follow some basic steps you…

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